Welcome to  The Hoop Lab 

We are excited that you are considering The Hoop Lab to assist in furthering your athletes basketball career.

We understand the importance of an athletes pre-collegiate career and we look forward to pushing your athlete to their limits so that they can grow as a player on and off the court. You’ll come to find that the years leading up to college recruitment go by extremely fast, there is no time to waste!

We provide in depth 1 on 1 training for all skill levels. Our training sessions are intense from the moment the players step into the lab as they are pushed to the max as we create that mental and physical fatigue required in real game type scenarios. Athlete’s will have the option to focus on nothing but shooting, footwork and finishing or they can opt to do the training circuit which focuses on endurance, guard speed, shooting and handles!

Each player will have a shooting profile where we will track improvement and areas of deficit so that we know where we can modify your athletes workout to ensure maximum results!

Selecting a trainer, coach or facility for your athlete is a big deal! There is more to the growth of a player than just ball handling skills and scoring. Attitude, poise, and commitment are a significant portion of the equation and we teach it ALL! We cannot wait to get started with your player!

We currently offer monthly memberships at $225 per month which gives each athlete a one hour session per week (4 sessions). *Ask about our club discounts.

During the Summer months (Monday thru Friday) the hours range from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm so there’s a wide range of time to accommodate all schedules. During school hours (while school is in physically) the hours will range from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm (9:00 pm is the start of the last session for the day). We are also open weekends!

For the continued safety of all Athletes’s we are only taking 45 athletes and the response has been tremendous. If you are interested please complete the liability waiver, process your monthly dues and pre-select your dates. Monthly dues are due on the 1st day of every month thereafter.


Again we thank you for your interest in The Hoop Lab. If you want it - LET’S GO GET IT!!!